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New York City


The Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery programs provides communities with resources to address a range of community development needs, including building housing, businesses, and infrastructure.    


​Program Name Allocation
​Housing Programs $648,000,000
    NYC Houses Rehabilitation and Reconstruction​ ​$306,000,000
    Rental Assistance​​ ​$9,000,000
    Multi-Family Building Rehabilitation ​$225,000,000
    Public Housing Rehabilitation and Resilience​ ​$108,000,000
Business Programs​ ​$293,000,000
    Business Loan and Grant Program​ ​$72,000,000
    Business Resiliency Investment Program​ ​$90,000,000
​    Neighborhood Game Changer Investment Competition ​$90,000,000
​    Infrastructure and Building Resiliency Technologies Competitions ​$41,000,000
Infrastructure and Oth​er City Services ​$360,000,000
​    Public Services ​$322,000,000
    Emergency Demolition ​$3,000,000
    Debris Removal/Clearance ​$21,000,000
    Code Enforcement ​$1,000,000
​    Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Public Facilities ​$13,000,000
​Resilience ​$294,000,000
​​    Resiliency Investments* $294,000,000​
​Citywide Administration and Pla​nning $177,000,000
​    Planning** ​$89,000,000
    Admininistration** ​$88,000,000
TOTAL ​$1,772,000,000

  *The activities will be identified in a future Partial Action Plan.
**These initial allocations are based on the best data currently available and reflect projections of need to support the programs.  It can be anticipated there will be future adjustments based on actual experience once programs are implemented; however, neither planning nor admininstrative expenses will surpass their statutory caps. 

Read the full New York City CDBG Distribution Plan

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