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Where Is the Money Going

In January 2013, Congress passed H.R. 41 and H.R. 152, totaling approximately $60 billion. H.R. 41 increased FEMA's borrowing authority for the National Flood Insurance program and H.R. 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriation Act, allocated Hurricane Sandy disaster-relief funds to 19 federal agencies for aid to impacted individuals and states.  These agencies are distributing these funds through existing disaster-relief programs. 

Maps -- Use the Contract Awards map to see information on Hurricane Sandy contracts, and see award and paid out amounts displayed on a Heat Map with agency funding data on the Text View of the Map. Link to other maps related to the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Quarterly Summary -- Follow the trending chart with the Funds Awarded and Paid Out by month since March 2009,  and the bar graph detailing the Appropriation, Funds Awarded, and Funds Paid Out for each of the top five programs.

FEMA Damage Classification Categories  ­–  Find total award amounts by state and county for debris removal, public buildings, water control facilities, and other categories.

Agency Information – See the total appropriations in H.R. 152 for each agency.  

State Information –  Read the impacted states' plans on how they plan on spending Phase 1 of  the Community Disaster Block Grants.