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Navigate Up - Track the Money is the U.S. government's official website that provides easy access to data
related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

 Download Center

The Download Center provides access to all recipient and agency data.

Recipient Reported Data
Download recipient data using the Recipient Reported tab and drop-down Reporting Period menu below.

For the cumulative totals, click on the links below. (See FAQs for how to sort by congressional district.) The job totals are for Quarter 4, 2013 only (October 1 - December 31, 2013). Please be advised that Congress repealed the quarterly reporting requirements for recipients in January 2014. The data was updated for the last time on May 1, 2014. The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board will sunset on September 30, 2015 and has decided for its last year not to renew the licensing agreement for the display of certain recipient-related data. As of October 1, 2014, maps, charts, and graphs on the site will no longer reflect this information. This change will also include the removal of the recipient profiles as well as data from the cumulative national download file.

"--" designates foreign countries
"99" designates congressional districts with no representation in the Congress
"98" designates congressional districts that have nonvoting delegates: the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Agency Reported Data
The agency map drew data from the weekly agency Financial and Activity Reports (download from the Agency Reported tab below). The agencies’ last Reports were filed as of December 31, 2013.

Additional Resources

Recipient Downloads

​Select report type, federal fiscal year, and quarter and click "Go" to access files containing federal contracts, grants and loans in XML, CSV and XLS formats.


Search Results Source File
All_ContractsY13Q4 (Last updated May 1 2014) XML XML CSV CSV XLS XLS
All_GrantsY13Q4 (Last updated May 1 2014) XML XML CSV CSV XLS XLS
All_LoansY13Q4 (Last updated May 1 2014) XML XML CSV CSV XLS XLS

Agency Downloads

Search by
Data ResultsReport Date
XSL CNCS_Financial and Activity Report CNCS_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.16 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DHS_Financial and Activity Report DHS_Financial and Activity Report (xlsx .05 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOC_Financial and Activity Report DOC_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.16 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOD_Financial and Activity Report DOD_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.16 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOE_Financial and Activity Report DOE_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.18 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOJ _Financial and Activity Report DOJ _Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.18 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOL_Financial and Activity Report DOL_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.22 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOS_Financial and Activity Report DOS_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.14 MB)12/31/2013
XSL DOT_Financial and Activity Report DOT_Financial and Activity Report (xls 2.19 MB)12/31/2013
XSL ED_Financial and Activity Report ED_Financial and Activity Report (xls 1.9 MB)12/31/2013
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