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California Tunnel To Make Commute Faster
Simulation of Caldecott Fourth Bore Project Tunnels

Architect's rendering of the new East and West Tunnel Entrances. Source: CDOT 

The California Department of Transportation is using $198 million in Recovery Act funds to expand the Caldecott Tunnel, which connects the Contra Costa suburbs to the city of Oakland through the Oakland Hills. The additional two-lane bore will bring the total number of east/west lanes to eight and is expected to alleviate congestion on Highway 24 for approximately 160,000 daily commuters.   

Currently, traffic is directed through one eastbound tunnel and one westbound with the center tunnel reversing east-to-west during rush hours. The new bore will provide a constant four lanes eastbound and four lanes westbound.

In addition to the $198 million in Recovery funds, the CDOT is using approximately $220 million in state and regional funding for the project, which began in January 2010 and is to be completed by spring 2014.

Tutor-Saliba of Sylmar, California is the main contractor for the project.

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