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PA: Water System Upgrades
Workers dig a trench and connect a water main

Workers dig a trench and connect a new water main to upgrade the water distribution system in Hazleton, PA.


For the last 10 years, 40,000 residents of Hazleton, Pa., periodically have been without sufficient quantities of clean drinking water, or  without water service at all, due to aging water mains. The Hazleton City Authority was awarded a $12.5 million Recovery grant by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce water leaks and improve service.  The project started in April 2009 and includes replacing more than three miles of water mains, upgrading a pumping station, installing a new water-storage tank, and rebuilding three water filters. 

Schumacher Engineering Inc., Doli Construction Corporation, and Hazleton Site Contractors have contracts for the project.  These locally based companies estimate that 100 construction jobs will be created by the time the work is completed in 2011.


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