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Congressional Redistricting Reflected on

​As required by the Constitution, congressional districts were redrawn to reflect results of the 2010 census and took effect with the start of the 113th Congress in January of this year.  When Recovery recipients reported on their awards during the April reporting period, they were required to report the redrawn congressional districts for the place of performance for the project.

Reports submitted prior to April, including those for projects marked final and complete, were not updated or changed because they accurately reflect the districts at the time of submission.

The maps will all reflect the new districts but when drilling down to the Award Summary and in the National Cumulative file, it is very possible that you will see different congressional districts for the same Recovery funded project. For example, a recipient report filed for the final quarter of 2012 may show on the Award Summary or the National Cumulative File that the project is located in the state’s 2nd district; the Quarter 1, 2013 report for the same ongoing project may now list the project as being located in the 4th district, accurately reflecting the redistricting.

Finally, with redistricting some states lost districts, so reports filed in previous quarters may list a congressional district that no longer exists; conversely, some states gained districts, so recipient reports posted on or after April 30 will list congressional districts that did not exist previously.

The Recovery Board obtained multiple reference databases to ensure that the congressional districts shown on are accurate.

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