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Completed Defense Projects Funded by Recovery

​With the close of each recipient reporting cycle, more and more Recovery funded projects are being completed. As of April 14, 2011 the total number was 55,427. Here are some of the largest completed projects funded by Recovery awards from the Department of Defense:

Repair on-base apartments at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California
Apartment building
  • Award amount: $7.5 million
  • Purpose: Repair/replace roofing, doors, windows, bathrooms, finishes, and mechanical/electrical systems
  • Contractor: Barnhart-Balfour Beatty, Inc., an international engineering firm with offices in San Diego
  • Completed: April 2010​
Repair storm damage to aircraft taxi/parking area at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida
Storm drain
  • Award amount: $3.5 million
  • Purpose: Stabilize pavement by repairing drainage culvert adjacent to south taxi/parking area
  • Contractor: Chugach Management Services, Inc., headquartered in Alaska
  • Completed: April 2010​
Install solar power for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California ​
Solar Panels
  • Award amount: $3 million
  • Purpose: Install rooftop solar panels on various buildings to power interior lighting
  • Contractor: MW Services, Inc., a local small business
  • Completed : June 2010
Increase energy efficiency at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma
Energy efficient lights
  • Award Amount: $2 million
  • Purpose: Insulate/replace doors and windows
  • Contractor: BSE Performance LLC, based in Arizona; Broken Arrow Electrical Supply, Inc., a local firm
  • Completed: September 2010
Repair aircraft fueling areas at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida
Apartment building
  • Award Amount: $1.1 million
  • Purpose: Replace concrete slabs for aircraft taxiing/parking;  repave and re-mark surfaces
  • Contractor: Chugach Management Services, Inc., headquartered in Alaska
  • Completed: July 2010
Provide fire protection system for soldiers at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania
Fire protection system
  • Award amount: $687,000
  • Purpose: Protect soldiers against fire hazards when inspecting and repacking ammunition
  • Contractor: Senate Builders & Construction Managers, Inc., a small business in Pennsylvania
  • Completed: August 2010
Modernize Urology/Orthopedics Suite for Naval Hospital, Guam
New waiting area
  • Amount: $488,000
  • Purpose: Provide a waiting area at the entrance to the hospital’s Urology/Orthopedics wing; relocate treatment rooms and doctors’ offices; add one extra treatment room
  • Contractor: L.A. Painting and Construction Co., a local small business
  • Completed: January 2010​

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