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Navigate Up - Track the Money is the U.S. government's official website that provides easy access to data
related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Report DateTitle
collapse August 2014
8/20/2014Some Recipient Data Being Removed
collapse May 2014
5/1/2014Final Data on Recovery Awards Posted
collapse April 2014
4/9/2014GSA IG Issues Final Audits on ARRA Building Projects
collapse February 2014
2/3/2014Final Close-Out Schedule Set for Recipient Reporting
collapse January 2014
1/21/2014Recipient Reporting Ends
collapse December 2013
12/20/2013ARRA Provides Funding for Smart Grid Technology
collapse October 2013
10/31/2013Quarter 3, 2013 Recipient Data
collapse August 2013
8/28/2013Recipients Continue to Report
collapse July 2013
7/24/2013Data Sharing Can Help Prevent Fraud
collapse June 2013
6/26/2013System Glitch Increases Number of Non-Compliers
6/5/2013Board Staff Exports Insight on Transparency
collapse May 2013
5/22/2013Ten Indicted for Theft and Fraud of Recovery Funds
5/8/2013Total of Completed Prime Recovery Awards Surpasses 83,000
collapse April 2013
4/30/2013Congressional Redistricting Reflected on
4/11/2013Recovery Board Tracks Sandy Relief Spending
collapse March 2013
3/20/2013Recovery Tax Credits for Clean Energy
3/13/2013Research for Alcoholism Treatments Aided by Recovery Funds
collapse February 2013
2/27/2013Recovery Funds Provide Flood Protection
2/20/2013Inspector General Questions $12 Million in Smart Grid Recovery-Related Costs
collapse January 2013
1/31/2013Recovery Funding Helps Build Rail Transit System in Hawaii
1/29/2013San Francisco Highway Project is helped by Recovery Money
1/16/2013Recovery Funds Rural Health Care Facilities in Nebraska
collapse December 2012
12/27/2012Roofing Contractor Pleads Guilty to Recovery Fraud
12/20/2012Con Artists Steal Direct Deposit Social Security Payments
12/17/2012White House Grants IG Request to Keep Unused Recovery Funds
collapse November 2012
11/28/2012CBO Estimates the Current Impact of Recovery Act
11/14/2012Segment of Recovery Funded High-Speed Rail System Completed
11/7/2012IRS Can’t Document $394,000 in Recovery Payments
collapse October 2012
10/24/2012Recovery Tax Credit Helps Open New Plant
10/17/2012New Rural Medical Center Funded by Recovery Loan
10/4/2012Three Are Convicted of Fraud Involving Recovery Funds
collapse September 2012
9/24/2012EPA IG Says Recovery Funds Should be Returned
9/6/2012Recovery Grant Funds Amtrak Renovations
collapse August 2012
8/29/2012Recovery Funds Give Head Start a Leg Up
8/22/2012Recovery Board Shares Fraud Prevention Methods
8/7/2012$290.7B In Recovery Act Tax Relief
collapse July 2012
7/31/2012Wheels Up and Down - Completed Recovery Projects
7/25/2012Recovery Awards Expand Wastewater Facilities
7/16/2012Your Utility Bills, Recovery Funds, and a Scam
collapse June 2012
6/13/2012Guilty Plea in Recovery Bribery and Kickbacks Case
6/6/2012Recovery Funds Promote Net-Zero Energy Use
6/1/2012Recovery Funding Boosts Research and Development Spending
collapse May 2012
5/23/2012Seven Indictments for Recovery Fraud
5/16/2012New Deal Buildings Get Recovery Help
5/9/2012A Step Closer to Answers on Autism
5/2/2012FCC Wraps Up Recovery Awards
collapse April 2012
4/23/2012Staying Ahead of Dangerous Weather
4/11/2012USDA Recovery Awards Fund Rural Projects
4/4/2012Preventing Homelessness
collapse March 2012
3/30/2012$297.8B In Tax Relief
3/28/2012Overview of Recovery Act Loans
3/21/2012Busy Colorado Springs Road Gets Widened
3/14/2012Major Medical Center Expands in Kentucky
collapse February 2012
2/15/2012Lessons Learned from the Recovery Act
2/8/2012Nation’s Electric Grid Gets Smart
collapse January 2012
1/31/2012Recovery Funds Remove and Secure Nuclear Waste
1/18/2012Weatherization Program Beats Deadline
1/18/2012Possible Identity Theft Scam in Atlanta
1/11/2012Visitor Center Rehabs Funded by Recovery
1/9/2012$299.8B In Tax Relief
collapse December 2011
12/27/2011New Chair of Recovery Board Appointed
12/19/2011Updating Congress on Transparency and Accountability
12/15/2011Board Calls for More Transparency in Spending
12/7/2011Advisory Panel Focuses on Improper Payments
collapse November 2011
11/16/2011$300.1B in Tax Benefits
11/4/2011IGs Continue Scrutiny of Recovery Programs
11/3/2011CBO Estimates Full Impact of Recovery Act
11/2/2011Student Wins Major Award for Research
collapse October 2011
10/26/2011Medical Research Funded by Recovery Grants
10/12/2011Recovery Board Solicits Public for Ideas to Improve Oversight
collapse September 2011
9/26/2011Get a Detailed Look at Individual Recipients
9/5/2011Advanced Climate Research Funded by Recovery
9/2/2011$299B in Tax Benefits
collapse August 2011
8/25/2011Monthly Updates on Recovery Activity Now Available
8/12/2011Five Convicted of Fraud Involving Recovery Funds
8/3/2011Inspectors General Reports Scrutinize Recovery Spending
collapse July 2011
7/27/2011Recovery Funds Support Electric Vehicle Technology
7/18/2011Native American Tribe Learning Computer Skills
7/6/2011Smithsonian Institution Completes All Recovery Projects
collapse June 2011
6/23/2011Recovery Project for Wounded Warriors Now Complete
6/22/2011Repairs and Renovations in Grand Canyon National Park
6/16/2011Custom Build Recovery Charts and Graphs
6/8/2011Life of a Project
6/1/2011Recovery Transportation Projects Completed Across Country
collapse May 2011
5/25/2011Recovery Projects Funded by Less than $10 million Each
5/16/2011Recovery Funds Nation’s First High-Speed Rail Service
5/11/2011Recovery Funds R&D for New Space Vehicles
5/4/2011Recipient Reports for Quarter 1, 2011
collapse April 2011
4/27/2011Recovery Subsidized Bonds Helped States Raise Cash
4/20/2011Completed Defense Projects Funded by Recovery
4/6/2011Schuylkill River Trail to be Completed
collapse March 2011
3/30/ Introduces Free Apps
3/23/2011Recipients Report for 7th Time
3/16/2011Recovery Contracts Speed Weapons Site Cleanup
3/9/2011Recovery Projects for Wounded Warriors Almost Complete
3/2/2011Backlog of Farm Loan Applications Cleared
collapse February 2011
2/23/2011Road and Bridge Projects Funded by Recovery
2/16/2011Housing for Native Americans and Alaskans
2/10/2011Recovery Funds Satellite Broadband to Rural Areas
2/4/2011Recipient Reports for Q4 2010
2/4/2011$260B in Tax Benefits
collapse January 2011
1/31/2011Recovery Advisory Panel Hears from State Officials
1/13/2011Renewable Energy Funded by Recovery Act
collapse December 2010
12/29/2010Veterans' Graves and Monuments Restored
12/21/2010Fraud Scheme Targets the Public
12/16/2010New Map Shows Recovery Projects Not Yet Started
12/7/2010New DNA Research Sheds Light on Childhood Disorders
12/1/2010Inspectors General Honored for Recovery Oversight
collapse November 2010
11/19/2010National Conference on Preventing Recovery Fraud
11/4/2010Recipient Reports for Q3 2010
collapse October 2010
10/27/2010Update: Recovery Broadband Funds 100 Percent Awarded
10/27/2010Road Improvements in Bellevue, Washington
10/27/2010Department of Energy IG Investigates Personnel Practices
10/20/2010Home Sewage Systems Fixed in Ohio
10/14/2010$243B in Tax Relief
10/4/2010Update: Health IT Grants Funded by Recovery
collapse September 2010
9/24/2010Funding for Recovery Act Innovation and Technology
9/22/2010Final Recipient Reported Data for Q2 2010
9/15/2010High-Speed Internet for Rural Schools
9/14/2010$233B in Tax Relief
9/1/2010Recovery Funds Wounded Warriors Project
collapse August 2010
8/18/2010Recovery Funds Fish Passage Project
8/11/2010Four Projects Move Ahead with Added Funds
8/4/2010Update: I-40 Project Near Albuquerque
collapse July 2010
7/30/2010Recipients of Recovery Awards Report
7/28/2010Uranium Tailings Moved to Secure Location
7/21/2010$223B in Tax Relief
7/19/2010Boston Area Commuter Lines Being Upgraded
7/14/2010New York and Minnesota Water Facilities Upgraded
7/7/2010Construction to Ease Wichita Traffic
collapse June 2010
6/25/2010Energy Tax Credits Extended
6/16/2010Final Recipient Data for Quarter 1, 2010
6/7/2010Be Aware of Potential Recovery Scams
6/2/2010Evacuation Route in Florida Gets Reconstructed
collapse May 2010
5/26/2010Nashville Emphasizes Health and Wellness
5/20/2010Upload Your Recovery Project Pictures to Flickr
collapse April 2010
4/15/2010$162.7B in Tax Relief
4/5/2010 Aging Bridge on Oahu is Being Replaced
collapse March 2010
3/25/2010California Tunnel To Make Commute Faster
3/18/2010Appliance Rebate Program Under Way
3/17/2010Recipient Reports Updated
3/17/2010Build America & School Construction Bonds
3/11/2010Chicago Subway Track Project Completed
3/1/2010$99.1B In Tax Relief
collapse February 2010
2/25/2010Data Quality - Recipient Errors, Actions Taken
2/17/2010$8.5 Million for Road Construction in Montana
collapse January 2010
1/22/2010Housing Assistance for Military and Their Families
1/15/2010Recipient Reporting Period Extended
1/15/2010How Jobs are Calculated
1/8/2010Cops on the Beat
collapse December 2009
12/28/2009COBRA and Other Benefits Extended
12/23/2009Schools Taught Energy Efficiency
12/2/2009$92.8B in Tax Relief
collapse November 2009
11/25/2009Recovery Funds Stabilize Education Budgets
11/5/2009Clean Water Project for Three States to Create or Save 600 Jobs, Company Says
collapse October 2009
10/30/2009Final Recipient Data - First Reporting Period
10/23/2009Electric Car Company Gets Energized
10/8/2009Retrofitting 32,000 Homes for More Energy Efficiency and Comfort
collapse September 2009
9/28/2009Recovery.Gov Overview
9/27/2009$62.5B in Tax Relief
9/26/2009What's New & What's Next?
9/25/2009PA: Water System Upgrades