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Retrofitting 32,000 Homes for More Energy Efficiency and Comfort
Technicians weatherizing a home in Ohio

A field monitor checks a gas meter for leaks; technicians prepare to seal a roof prior to re-insulating an attic containing vermiculite.


A $266.8 million Recovery grant from the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Program is allowing Ohio to boost the energy efficiency of more than 32,000 homes.  Adding insulation, sealing leaks and modernizing heating and air conditioning equipment will reduce energy costs for Ohio homeowners by an average of 24 percent.  In general, the Weatherization Program allows for an investment of up to $6,500 per home in energy efficiency upgrades and is available to homeowners making approximately $44,000 a year for a family of four.  The Department of has recognized Ohio as a leader in the weatherization program with 951 homes completed in July 2009. 

Ohio allocated funds from the grant to local community agencies and other public and not-for-profit organizations.  In addition, 54 independent contractors were hired to supplement existing contractors.  It is estimated that by completion of the project at the end of March, 2012, 590 new positions will be created and 487 jobs retained.

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