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Navigate Up - Track the Money is the U.S. government's official website that provides easy access to data
related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Final Recipient Data - First Reporting Period

Recipients awarded federal Recovery-related contracts, grants, and loans began receiving funds early in 2009. The Recovery Act requires prime and sub-recipients of $25,000 or more to report 30 days after the close of every quarter on how they used the money.

The first reporting period began on October 1, 2009 and officially ended on October, 10, 2009.  Additional recipients were allowed to submit late reports until October 20, 2009.

Prime and Sub-recipient -- a non-Federal entity awarded Recovery funding from a prime recipient to support a project or program for which the prime recipient received Recovery funding. sub-recipients  filed a total of 130, 362 reports into, the password-protected government website created specifically to collect all the data .  Of the total number of reports, 13,080 were reports on federal contracts, 116,675 were on grants, and 607 were loans (one recipient might have received more than one award, so the number of reports does not equal the number of recipients). 

Recipients also reported a total of 640,329.17 jobs created or saved by Recovery projects: 30,908 by federal contract awards, 607,919 by grants, and 1,503 by loans.

Awards as reported by prime and sub-recipients: 130,362 Total Awards, 607 Loans, 13,080 Contracts, 116,675 Grants. Updated 10/30
The reports included:

  • the total amount of Recovery funds each prime and sub-recipient received
    between February 17, 2009 and September 30, 2009
  • the total amount of funds expended
  • a description and location of the project

Between October 11, 2009 and October 29, 2009 recipients and federal agencies had the opportunity to review the reports in; however, only recipients could make changes to their reports. 

The data on the blue map and in the charts and graphs reflects all the data from the recipient reports.  The next reporting period begins January 1, 2010.

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