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Housing for Native Americans and Alaskans

New homes - some still under construction, others completed - for the Pueblo Nation in El Paso, TX

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded approximately $15 million in Recovery funds to build affordable housing for Native American and Native Alaskan communities.

  • Housing for the elderly – Eight new homes for elderly of  the White Earth Tribe in White Earth, Minnesota are being constructed ($1.35 million)
  • Kwina Village Apartments – 72 low-income rental units for members of the Lummi Nation in Whatcomb, Washington are being built ($4.2 million)
  • Father Murphy Phase III – 10 new rental duplexes are being funded in this existing project  in the Shawnee, Oklahoma neighborhood of the Potawatomi Nation ($2.7 million)
  • Blackfeet Housing – 223 homes on the Blackfeet Reservation near Glacier National Park in northern Montana are being rehabilitated ($2.6 million).
  • Mt. View Village Lofts – 12 new rental units are being built as part of a residential-retail facility in Anchorage, Alaska ($607,000)
  • Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Housing –  $450,000 funded the construction of three duplexes, the first in a total 90 duplexes for the Pueblo Nation in El Paso, Texas.  These homes were completed in September 2010 and have been occupied by low-income tribal families.

The other projects are currently scheduled for completion by or before early 2011.

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