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Smithsonian Institution Completes All Recovery Projects

The floor at the Smithonian's Arts and Industries Building was removed to expose the original 1902 floor which was then restored. 

The Smithsonian Institution recently completed all of its Recovery funded projects, the first of 28 federal agencies to do so.

A total of 11 projects, involving repair or renovation of Smithsonian facilities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, were paid for with $25 million in Recovery contracts.  All work was done by local firms.

Smithsonian officials say that all projects included increasing energy efficiency or environmental sustainability in some way.  For example, ageing electrical and mechanical systems in the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building were replaced with energy-efficient equipment.   A new insulated roof and windows are similarly energy-efficient. Other projects involved creating better storm drainage and protecting potable water sources from possible contamination.  And, new outdoor lighting systems have enhanced safety and security for visitors, staff, and also animals at the National Zoo.

Left: Stone bridge in National Zoological Park before resurfacing and masonry repair, completed at right.

The Smithsonian’s Recovery funded projects: 

The stone bridge, during resurfacing and repair.
  1. Clean, rebuild/refurbish the masonry façade of the Arts and Industries Building
  2. Remove non-historic partitions/walls and flooring in the Arts and Industries Building to expose and restore original period (1902) walls and flooring.
  3. Add new fire-prevention systems, National  Zoological Park
  4. Replace roof, National  Zoological Park
  5. Replace deteriorated animal-holding facilities, National Zoological Park
  6. Resurface traffic lanes and repair masonry of three stone bridges at National Zoological Park
  7. Install new outdoor lighting systems at multiple locations on the National Mall
  8. Install sewage backflow preventers on potable water lines at multiple locations off the National Mall and at the Museum Support Center in Suitland, Maryland
  9. Refurbish or replace elevators and escalators at the National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of American History
  10. Install emergency generators at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center at Edgewater, Maryland
  11. Hire temporary support personnel


Smithsonian officials say a total of 186 jobs were funded as a result of Recovery Act funding.

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