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System Glitch Increases Number of Non-Compliers

​In the most recent reporting period, a glitch in the System for Award Management (SAM), operated by the General Services Administration (GSA), caused an increase in the quarterly total of Recovery awards not reported on, as required by the Recovery Act.

For Quarter 1, 2013 (January 1 - March 31), a total 456 Recovery awards were not reported on; for Q4, 2012, the total was just under 300. The number of awards not reported on has been steadily decreasing since the first quarterly reporting period in October 2009. The number spiked for the Quarter 1, 2013 reporting period because SAM effectively prevented some recipients from submitting reports.

In order to submit electronic reports, recipients must have a valid, up-to-date Central Contractor Registration (CCR) number – required to do business with the federal government – normally obtainable via the SAM. Because of a problem with the SAM system, recipients who either needed to renew an expired CCR number or who were trying to obtain one for the first time were unsuccessful and were therefore unable to report.

GSA is reviewing the entire system to determine the exact problem. Also under review are possible improvements to responsiveness by the SAM Help Desk and online error messages that are more readily understandable and helpful to system users.

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