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$99.1B In Tax Relief

Estimated Dollars Available Through ARRA Tax Provisions for March thru December 2009

The Office of Tax Analysis estimates that $99.1 billion in tax relief was made available by the end of December 2009. This relief comes in various forms including the Making Work Pay tax credit, COBRA Continuation Coverage Assistance, and tax incentives for businesses.

Estimated Cumulative Dollars Available Through ARRA Tax Provisions - $99.1B

Cumulative as of Mar 09 as of Jun 09 as of Sep 09 as of Dec 09
Making Work Pay  $2.3  $15.0  $26.9  $36.9
Other Individual Credits  $0.0  $8.5  $18.1  $21.6
Energy Incentives  $0.0   $0.4  $0.9  $2.2
Tax Incentives for Business  $0.1  $14.4  $25.4  $33.3
COBRA  $0.8  $4.9  $8.9  $3.7
Manufacturing & Economic Recovery, Infrastructure Refinancing, Other  $0.0  $0.0  $3.5  $1.2
Cumulative Totals  $3.2  $43.2  $83.8  $99.1

Data Source: Office of Tax Analysis Estimates
Note: December cumulative figures include adjustments to prior quarter's estimates
Note: Detail may not sum to totals due to independent rounding



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