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related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Total of Completed Prime Recovery Awards Surpasses 83,000

​At the close of April 2013 reporting period, prime recipients had submitted a total of 83,160 final reports on their respective Recovery awards – more than 80 percent of the total 101,672 prime recipient Recovery awards.

Work on the projects funded by the awards has been completed, and no additional reports on the project or award status will be submitted.


The table at right shows the number of final prime recipient reports that have been submitted quarterly since the inception of the Recovery initiative. (Sub-recipient reports are not included.)

The Recovery Board instituted a reconciliation process for reports that have been marked final and complete. The process gives the recipients the opportunity to make any final corrections to their reports and the agencies the opportunity to identify the recipients that have completed all work and will not be reporting again.