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New York and Minnesota Water Facilities Upgraded

In Middletown, NY the wastewater facility is being expanded (L), and new drainage pipes installed. 

Cleaning up wastewater and protecting natural waterways are priority Recovery programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture. Combined, the two agencies have allotted a total of $7.6 billion – $3.9 billion from EPA, $3.7 billion from USDA —for such projects around the country.

Two current wastewater projects – in Middletown, New York and Howard Lake, Minnesota – account for almost $38 million of Recovery Act funding from EPA.



Map of the US with New York highlightedMiddletown, in the Hudson Valley near the Shawangunk mountains, was awarded $27.8 million to complete the expansion of the city’s major wastewater treatment facility. Using state funds, the first phase of the two-phase project was completed in 2008 and improved the plant’s capability to process wastewater treatment byproducts. The second phase – one of the largest of 80 Recovery-funded clean-water projects in the state – will increase processing capacity of the facility from 6 million gallons to 8.5 million gallons per day.

Expansion of treatment system under construction

In addition, state-of-the-art treatment systems, including high-efficiency disinfecting equipment and pump motors will be installed.  These improvements will benefit the 25,388 residents and 726 businesses of Middletown.

In addition, discharges to the Wallkill River will be cleaner and safer , and the facility’s electricity costs will be reduced by more than half, according to the Environmental Facilities Corporation (a public benefit corporation administering New York’s  clean water and drinking water funds) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Energy-cost savings for Middletown residents are expected to total about $420,000 annually.

Carlin Contracting Co., Inc, of Waterford, Connecticut was awarded the contract for the project. Construction began in February 2009 and is estimated to be completed by February 2011.



US map with Minnesota highlightedHoward Lake, located 45 miles west of Minneapolis, is using $9.9 million in Recovery Act funds to connect its 18-miles of wastewater treatment pipes to a new cost-effective multi-city wastewater facility.  Recovery Act funding provided Howard Lake with a $6 million grant and close to $4 million in guaranteed loans.


Recovery Act sign in front of work siteMinnesota-based LaTour Construction is digging 10 miles of trench to install 18-inch pressurized pipes that will carry wastewater to the new regional facility, which also serves nearby Annandale and Maple Lake. The project began in March 2009 and is expected to be completed in August 2010.

Howard Lake’s project is among more than 40 wastewater, sanitation, and drinking water improvement projects that have been approved for rural Minnesota using Recovery Act funds.

Photos provided by: New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation and City of Howard Lake


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