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 Non-Compliers Map - Q4 2013

Map of Non-Compliers 

Recipients of Recovery awards were required to report on their awards every quarter. A recipient who did not report was non-compliant with the Recovery Act.  See the complete list of non-compliers for the most recent quarter.  In January 2014, with the passing of the Omnibus Spending bill, Congress repealed the requirement for recipients to report; therefore, this page will not be updated again after February 12, 2014.

What do the Numbers Represent?
The number in each state represented the total number of awards not reported on by prime recipients for Quarter 4, 2013.

The Map Colors
The deeper the color, the more non-compliers in a state.

  Text View of Map and List of Non-compliers by State  (PDF 671 KB)

See more information about non-compliers, and an archive of previous quarters' non-compliers, on the Non-Compliers Page.


As of February 12, 2014