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Non-Competitive/Non-Fixed Price Contract Awards

Section 1554 of the Recovery Act states that "To the maximum extent possible, contracts funded under this Act shall be awarded as fixed-price contracts through the use of competitive procedures."
Below is a list of contracts awarded through the Recovery Act, that are non-competitive, non-fixed-price, or both.
More information about the federal government's policies regarding non-competitive/non-fixed-price contract awards can be found at:

Row NumbersortRecipientsortAward #sortAgencysortContract #sortAward
sortExtent Competed
sortContract Type Sorted Ascending
1 LAW OFFICES OF JASON G. HOWELL, PLLC, THE 41 Department of Agriculture AG3D47K090017 $6,300.00 NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMPETITION
2 CLOSING ATTORNEYS, LLC, THE 54 Department of Agriculture AG3D47K090018 $4,000.00 NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMPETITION
3 ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC 67 Department of Agriculture AG3D47K090005 $4,690.00 NOT COMPETED
4 C X T INCORPORATED 305 Department of Agriculture AG9702D090007 $193,077.00 NOT COMPETED
5 QUANTUM PM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 1103 Department of the Interior INPA2000713511 $14,240.00 NOT COMPETED UNDER SAP
6 ENVIROTEMPS, INC. 1105 Department of the Interior INPA2011090524 0 NOT COMPETED UNDER SAP
7 CIRCLE SOLUTIONS, INC. 1884 Department of Justice DJO2008TO08135 $58,689.00 NOT COMPETED
8 ADVANCED PROGRAMS INC 2450 Department of State SAQMMA09L1349 $944,790.00 NOT COMPETED
9 SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC. 22337 Department of Defense--Military FA441609F0001 $36,508.00 FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION
10 TETRA TECH, INC. 22886 Environmental Protection Agency EP095000193 0 NOT COMPETED
11 TETRA TECH, INC. 22887 Environmental Protection Agency EP095000193 $20,000.00 NOT COMPETED
12 METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON AIRPORTS AUTHORITY 23262 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC302 $641,356.00 NOT COMPETED
13 CHICAGO, CITY OF 23263 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC310 $2,743,418.00 NOT COMPETED
14 OKLAHOMA CITY AIRPORT TRUST 23264 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC307 $4,127,888.00 NOT COMPETED
15 KENTON COUNTY AIRPORT BOARD 23265 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC303 $754,987.00 NOT COMPETED
16 COLUMBUS REGIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY 23266 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC170 $35,206,636.00 NOT COMPETED
17 LITTLE ROCK MUNICIPAL AIRPORT COMMISSION 23267 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC308 $5,915,429.00 NOT COMPETED
18 METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON AIRPORTS AUTHORITY 23268 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC302 $3,032,000.00 NOT COMPETED
19 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY 23269 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC312 $8,122,084.00 NOT COMPETED
20 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, CITY OF 23270 Department of Homeland Security HSTS0409HREC311 $9,354,288.00 NOT COMPETED

SourceFederal Procurement Data System | CSV Download CSV