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related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

 Agency Data Map

Map displays Funds Awarded and Paid Out by state/territory as reported by federal agencies.

Text view of funding data

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Text View of Map Data  
Source for Map Data:, Federal Procurement Data System;

The data on this map is taken from the Financial and Activity Reports that agencies are required to submit weekly. The map is updated every Friday. 

Click on a state to see the agencies that have awarded and paid out Recovery funding and the amounts for each.

The numbers on this map do not match the numbers on the Recipient Projects Map because the recipients only report quarterly.


1. Department of Health and Human Services $138,841,591,824
2. Department of Education $94,296,130,450
3. Department of Labor $66,377,982,666
4. Department of Agriculture $54,094,310,705
5. Department of Transportation $40,290,559,824
6. Department of Energy $31,777,311,502
7. Department of the Treasury $25,824,736,821
8. Social Security Administration $13,999,320,917
9. Department of Housing and Urban Development $13,427,814,127
10. Environmental Protection Agency $7,111,115,379
Updated: 12/31/2013
Source for Agency Data: Federal Agency Financial and Activity Reports CSV Download CSV