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 Tax Benefit Programs

Categories Funds Paid Out
[+] Individual Tax Credits $131.8B
Increased Alternative Minimum Tax Exemption $64.7B
American Opportunity Tax Credit $21.4B
Child Tax Credit $18.4B
First Time Homebuyer Credit $10.4B
Exclude up to $2,400 of unemployment insurance benefits from gross income for taxable year 2009 $6.3B
Earned Income Tax Credit $5.1B
Extension of Alternative Minimum Tax Relief for Nonrefundable Personal Credits $4.4B
Deduction on Sales and Excise Taxes for Certain Motor Vehicles $1.1B
Computer Technology and Equipment Allowed as a Higher Education Expense $0
[+] Making Work Pay $104.4B
Making Work Pay $104.4B
[+] Tax Incentives For Businesses $32.6B
Special Allowance for Certain Properties Acquired in 2009 $19B
Deferred Income from Cancellation of Certain Indebtedness $14.6B
5-Year Carryback of Operating Losses of Small Businesses $679M
Temporary Increase in Limitations on Expensing of Certain Depreciable Business Assets $477M
Temporarily Reduced the Recognition Period for Built-in Gains Tax $280M
Incentives to Hire Unemployed Veterans and 16 to 24 Year Old $297M
Changed Certain Ownerships for Purposes of Limitations on Net Operating Loss Carry Forwards and Certain Built-In Losses $29M
Decreased Estimated Tax Payments for Certain Small Businesses $0
Modifies Rules for Original Issue Discount on Certain High-Yield Obligations $0
Clarified Regulations Related to Limitations on Certain Built-in Losses Following an Ownership Change** -$2.7B
[+] Energy Incentives $10.9B
Residential Energy Credit $11B
Residential Credit for Alternative Energy $602M
Credit for Electricity Produced from Certain Renewable Resources $647M
Extension of Commuter Transit Benefits / Transit Passes $142M
Business Credits for Renewable Energy Properties $144M
Electric Motor Vehicles Credit $115M
Investment Credit or Productions Credit $125M
Increased Credit for Alternative Fuel Vehicles Refueling Properties $51M
Increased Limitation on Energy Conservation Bonds $28M
Increased Limitation on Clean Renewable Energy Bonds $4M
Carbon Dioxide Used as a Tertiary Injectant $0
Renewable Energy Grants vs Energy Investment Tax Credit* -$2B
[+] COBRA $3.7B
[+] Manufacturing & Economic Recovery, Infrastructure Refinancing, Other $7.3B
Delayed Application of Withholding Tax on Government Contractors $1.2B
Build America Bonds $2.4B
Credit for Investment in Advanced Energy Facilities $1.4B
Exception for Tax-Exempt Interest Expense of Financial Institutions $748M
Qualified School Construction Bonds $596M
Special Tax Credit for Certain Government Retirees $362M
Extension of Unemployment Compensation $283M
Health Coverage Improvement $172M
Increase in New Markets Tax Credit $174M
Recovery Zone Bonds $128M
Modified Small-Issuer Exception to Tax Exempt Interest Expense Allocation Rules for Financial Institutions $108M
Prohibited Collection of Certain Payments Made Under the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000 $85M
Tribal Economic Development Bonds $50M
Temporarily Expanded Industrial-Development Bonds to Facilities Manufacturing Intangible Properties $36M
Extension and Expansion of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds $36M
Temporarily Modified Alternative Minimum Tax Limitations on Tax-Exempt Bonds $17M
Modified High Speed Intercity Rail Facility Bonds $9M
Regulated Investment Companies Allowed to Pass-Thru Tax Credit Bond Credits $0
Extension of Trade Adjustment Assistance to Service Sector and Public Agency Workers; Shifts in Production $0
Provide that certain Federal grant monies do not reduce basis for purposes of determining the applicable low-income housing tax credit for such building 10M
Grants to States for Low-Income Housing Projects in Lieu of Low-Income Housing Credit Allocations -$508M
Total Tax Benefits $290.7B


* Instead of distributing this dollar amount as tax benefits, Treasury allocated the funds to federal agencies to be distributed as Recovery grants.

** Represents the estimated dollar amounts not collected by Treasury as a result of lowering taxes to business to offset losses.