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Board Staff Develop Training Course for Investigators
The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), headquartered in Glynco, Georgia, is an interagency law-enforcement training organization for 91 federal agencies or Partner Organizations, as well as for state, local, rural, tribal, territorial, and international law enforcement entities.  Since it was established in 1970, approximately 1,000,000 law-enforcement officers and agents have taken advantage of the training.  Although FLETC trains officers and agents from all federal departments and all three branches of government, it is a component of the Department of Homeland Security.
In 2012, analysts working in the Board’s Recovery Operations Center (ROC) teamed with FLETC to develop an in depth course introducing Inspector General (IG) investigators to emergent and innovative investigative tools and resources, including those used by analysts in the ROC.  The objective of the course was to teach investigators and auditors how to use the tools and resources developed by the Board to further existing investigations or develop leads for new investigations and audits.
The course was included in the IG Criminal Investigator Academy Basic Non-Criminal Investigator and the Investigator training programs. 
The Board has continued its efforts to develop and provide analytical techniques and methodologies  to the IG and law-enforcement communities.  In 2013, in partnership with the Council on the Inspectors General for Integrity and FLETC, ROC analysts taught six courses to approximately 180 students.  The course has also been included in the, “Essentials of Inspector General Investigations Training program” and the “Inspector General Criminal Investigator program.”