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Final Data on Recovery Awards Posted

When Congress passed the Federal Government’s Fiscal Year ’14 Omnibus Spending Bill in January 2014 it included a clause repealing Section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that had required recipients of ARRA awards to report quarterly on the status of those awards.  The result was the recipients reported for the last time January 1 – 14, 2014. After an extended period that allowed the recipients and agencies to make changes and corrections to the reports, all the final data was posted on on May 1, 2014.

Although the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’s (the Recovery Board) transparency mission for ARRA is now complete, the Board continues oversight efforts of the $60 billion in Hurricane Sandy funding as well as other federal funding. 

Below are some of the final stats regarding recipient reporting and ARRA awards.
Approximate total of ARRA funding -- $840 billion, which included contract, grant, and loan awards, expansion of entitlement programs, such as food stamps and unemployment insurance, and tax benefits. 
The total number of ARRA contract, grant, and loan awards reported on was 279,520.  This is not the total universe of ARRA awards, however, because those recipients receiving awards less than $25,000 did not have to report. 
​Total Number of Prime Awards ​100,545
​Total Number of Sub-Awards ​178,915
​Total Number of Prime Contract Awards ​   28,309
​Total Number of Prime Grant Awards ​   70,409
​Total Number of Prime Loan Awards ​      1,827
​Total Number of Sub-contract Awards ​   30,925
​Total Number of Sub-grant Awards ​147,874
​Total Number of Sub-Loan Awards ​        116
​Total Prime Award Amount ​      $275B
​Total Sub-Award Amount ​      $129B
​Total Amount Received (Primes Only) ​      $246B
​Total Amount Expended (Primes Only) ​      $209B
​Number of Projects Completed ​   88,164
​Number of Projects 50% Completed ​   10,544
​Number of Projects Not Started ​      1,837*
*There are several reasons why a project might fall in the Not Started Category:
  1. The recipient initially submitted two separate reports on the same award, both showing that the project had not yet been started.  The reports were not linked and the recipient  continued to report on one but left the other report unresolved and still showing "Not Started." 
  2. The award was cancelled by the agency after the recipient submitted the first  report and the recipient received no funds.  The recipient never de-activated the report so the award amount should show $0 with the completion status as Not Started.
  3. The recipient received less than $25,000 and, therefore, was not required to report, but did in the first reporting period indicating that the project had not yet started.  The recipient did not report again, which left the report hanging.
  4. The recipient never updated the completion status part of the report.
The ARRA data on will not be updated again.