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Providing More Transparency of Federal Spending
​The Government Accountability and Transparency Board (GATBoard) was created by the President by Executive Order in June 2011 to:
  • Provide strategic direction for enhancing transparency of federal spending and advance efforts to detect and remediate fraud, waste, and abuse in federal programs; and
  • Work with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (the Board) to build on lessons learned and apply the approaches developed by the Board across federal spending.

To help develop its 2014 Annual Plan, the GATBoard held a public meeting on February 7, 2014 to solicit ideas from the general public, state and local government representatives, civic and professional organizations, and other interested parties on improving accountability and transparency of federal spending. Representatives from the following organizations made presentations:

  • Citizens Against Government Waste
  • Data Transparency Coalition
  • National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, & Treasurers
  • National Governor’s Association
  • Maryland Governor’s Grants Office
  • Project on Government Oversight
  • Center for Effective Government
  • Association of Government Accountants
The presenters indicated that the current collection and display of federal spending data is not complete and accurate, and is not presented in a user-friendly way.  They recommended that:
  • Data should be standardized, accurate, timely, machine-readable, and published online.
  • There should be government-wide identifiers for every federal grant and contract.
  • Centralized reporting for grantees would reduce the burden of reporting.
  • Lessons learned from the implementation of the Recovery Act should be implemented for the collection and display of government-wide federal spending data.
If you could not attend the public meeting, you can watch the webcast.